Easy-To-Pitch Camping Tents

Easy-To-Pitch Camping Tents

Easy-to-pitch tents are seeing a significant increase in popularity in the camping community. There is variety of tents in the market offering ease in set-up for the single person, such as the inflatable, knuckle-jointed, and pop-ups. Here are some of the most favored easy-to-pitch tents –


Pop-up tents are appreciated for having the poles already threaded into the sleeves of the structure. These poles stay in place even when folded up and in storage. Once the tent is pulled from the bag, the poles are designed to act like springs and pop up to create the solid shape of the tent. It is then possible to secure the ground pegs to make sure the tent remains in place. Pop-up tents vary in size from those intended to sleep one person to those intended to accept a family of four or five. A negative aspect with this type of tent relates to the difficulty often experienced when attempting to place it back in the bag after use.


An inflatable tent is starting to become a highly favored tent design for its ability to offer complete ease in erecting for the single person. A full-size cotton canvas tent is quite difficult to pitch for one person, but by replacing the poles with inflatable tubes it is much easier to set-up in a matter of minutes. An electric pump can inflate the most of these tents within a time-frame of 60 seconds or less.


Single-pole tents (also referred as tepees) are one of the most popular styles in the market at the moment. A single pole stands in the center of the tent and pegs are used to create a secure circular base. Because the single-pole tents are often manufactured in a synthetic fabric with a thin skin, they are more suited to using in fair weather.

Knuckle-jointed pole

Knuckle-jointed pole tents are similar to the pop-up models in that the poles are already threaded into fabric of the tent. In the process of erecting these tents, it is crucial to avoid pinching the fingers or fabric since these poles do lock in place with some force. They come in a variety of shape and size to offer the ideal shelter for most types of camping adventures.

Since there are literally hundreds of different options available in the tent market, it certainly makes sense to research the wide-ranging choices to make sure you are able to invest in the most attractive easy-to-pitch tent to match the needs and lifestyle.

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