Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags

Choosing a particular type of sleeping bag is never an easy undertaking. If you are trying to find one kind that will meet all your outdoor needs, it might not be possible. However, there is one particular bag that will keep you warm and happy in most of your outdoor adventures for at least the three seasons, a mummy sleeping bag. A three season mummy bag with a comfort rating of 10 to 20 degree Fahrenheit will see you through frosty times during spring or fall and will never overheat you during the warm July. For winter camping, a mummy bag rated below 0 degrees Fahrenheit can perfectly handle the cold conditions of up to minus 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mummy bags are best known for maximum body warmth. However, they can sometimes be viewed as restrictive by some people. When purchasing a sleeping bag to be zipped together, it is important to ensure that the zippers are compatible and are available for both left and right. There are also other shapes available such as rectangular and semi rectangular. All these varieties are available to help you find a more suitable bag that will be more comfortable and less restrictive. Nonetheless, it is advisable not to use ones with funny prints on the outside as they are never suitable for back packing or serious outdoor activity.

When purchasing a sleeping bag, it is important to try it out thoroughly. Get inside each, roll in it, zip and unzip until you find one that meets your space and warmth needs. A good bag should warm quickly and ventilate easily. A mummy sleeping bag with two zippers offers more air flow and is highly flexible. If you plan on going camping as a couple, ensure you buy one where the left or right zipper is compatible with the second bag. It is also important to buy a sleeping bag with an insulated draft collar, to keep in the warmth around the neck and shoulders while keeping the cold out. The outer shell of a good sleeping bag should be water-resistant and wind proof.

Mummy bags are sometimes avoided by the claustrophobic. However, ones that come with hoods, zipper draft tubes and shoulder collars can provide incredible warmth without being claustrophobic. It is not advisable to buy a regular size sleeping bag, ensure there is at least 8 to 10 extra inches after laying comfortable inside. This will come in handy when storing items that you would never want to freeze such as water, boots, camera and other items. Besides, when more spacious they can offer more warmth as they enable you to store more clothes without constricting the bag.

Different materials are used in manufacturing. A lining of soft non cotton material is more comfy and will ventilate better. The inner linings are sewn smaller in comparison to the outside allowing for maximum insulation. The more there is loft, the more the warmth. To prevent the zips from accidentally coming unzipped, hooks and tabs can be used to cover the zipper toggle by the hood. Dark colored lining is preferred, especially when the need to dry out the bag arises as they absorb heat better and sun rays more efficiently.

Even though mummy sleeping bags are considered by many to be constrictive and less comfortable, they are still the most popular by backpackers. In cold winter conditions, warmth and flexibility triumphs over ease turning while in sleep. They are designed to weigh less in average due to the less amount of materials used in constructing the bag. Weight and heat efficiency make them the desirable choice in mountain hiking and long distance camping in cold weather. Nonetheless, if you find mummy bags completely unsuitable, you can always take the hybrid solution. Semi rectangular sleeping bags offer more room compared to a mummy sleeping bag but with less heat. These bags tend to have a wider chest area narrowing down towards the feet. If comfort is the key requirement as opposed to bulk and weight then a rectangular sleeping bags may be the best option. As a camper, it is important to know that a good night’s sleep is central to enjoyment of any outdoor adventure

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