Solar Camping Supplies

Solar Camping Supplies

Summer is upon us and keeping our planet green has become a big issue. Bright outdoor lighting in our vacation camping world becomes a price and life changing experience for everyone. Forgetting to charge supplies, bring extra batteries or propane for those outdoor lanterns or a flashlight, relates to stress which we don’t want while getting away from home and vacationing. Our whole purpose for getting away from home is to relax and enjoy the beauty of outdoor living. Good economic forethought can make your life a little easier when you don’t have to worry about what you have forgotten. When making your green outdoors part of your relaxation, keep a plastic bin available and ready to go with all the supplies needed at all times, along with a list of everything you want to take with you for a quick and easy getaway! LED bulbs never burn out!

Campground paths are dark and bright LED solar lighting at our steps, or to carry with us while walking can be a great security measure. Heard that old saying of “walk softly and carry a big stick”? When you are out hiking and the sun goes down before you arrive back at the campground, the best small bright LED light will get you back to your tent or RV safely. A particularly great item for hiking is a filled water bottle for hydration with a cap that collects sun rays for lighting up your path as the dusk hour’s set in. A battery charger is needed to keep your cell phones working for any emergencies that may arise and will also provide your getaway with a melancholy atmosphere filled with any type of music you would like to hear. While you are on the beach or on a boat, your tunes can be heard while our free UV rays continue to replenish that solar panel. What can be more relaxing than music, fishing, bright lighting and water for hydration on those hot days? And what about when returning from that hiking trip. Do you have a meal awaiting you? Essential camping supplies might also include a sun oven for securing a good meal when you have been hiking all day and the campground does not allow campfires. Preparedness for all outdoor excursions makes for a happy and eventful outdoor experience.

Solar powered camping and hiking gear can also be used around the home for either power outage lighting or security benefits that could possibly leave you in the dark.

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