Waterproof Socks, Hats and Gloves – The Key to Winter Walking Warmth

Waterproof Socks, Hats and Gloves – The Key to Winter Walking Warmth

Walking, running and biking in winter can be a cold and wet affair. Keeping yourself dry and warm can often mean the difference between an enjoyable and miserable day on the trails. Therefore ensuring you have decent gear and equipment is hugely important and you should always attempt to purchase the best gear that your budget allows.

Waterproof accessories such as hats, gloves and socks are an easy way to ensure your comfort is maintained on the trails. Picking the right gear is key to maximising this comfort. If you are planning on walking, a longer length walking sock is going to be important to ensure you remain warm and dry. These should hopefully be long enough to allow you to wade through small streams, snow, mud and any other precipitation induced obstacles you may come across. If you buy a good enough brand of waterproof socks, these should keep you dry regardless of how soaked your boots end up. If Winter trail running is your thing, a shorter anklet sock may suffice. If the weather is bitterly cold, it may still be an idea to get a liner sock for extra warmth. When it comes to gloves it really depends on your needs, some gloves have extra grip particles whilst others have extra padding and others are fingerless. With headwear there are plenty of different options available, different designs and colour schemes to suit everyone. They tend to be thermal lined yet are also waterproof ensuring maximum comfort for the wearer.

SealSkinz Waterproof socks and SealSkinz gloves provide excellent warmth and are 100% waterproof, meaning you stay dry and warm on the hills. If you are walking in cold climates, something such as the SealSkinz Trekking Sock with its Thermal rating of 4 is a credible choice and with a thermal lining sock inside should provide enough warmth for your walking adventures. However, if you are trail running in Spring then it may be that something like the ultra light sock would be more appropriate. If you are looking to purchase a SealSkinz hat, their range of beanies is excellent and they are available in a number of colours, including a hi-vis version to keep you visible as the light draws in and the days get shorter. There are also a number of other SealSkinz Hats available such as the winter hat and the trail hat.

With specialised choices for equestrian, shooting and skiing among others there is an option available for almost everyone. So whether you are climbing in the Cairngorms, Skiing in Les Deux Alpes or shooting in North Yorkshire, a set of waterproof accessories can certainly enhance your outdoor experience this winter.

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